Our database of influencers has a reach of a million+ social media users interested in food. We partner with these influencers to ensure that your restaurant gains exposure with their followers and people who use their pages as food guides. We've found that our influencer marketing program has helped our clients get the word out there and create buzz around themselves.

Here are some of our partner influencers: 

How It Works:

We try to get a minimum of four influencers to your restaurant every month.

We hand-pick these influencers to match the interests of your target customers, making sure that their followings match the type of customer you serve. We then reach out to these influencers on your behalf with invitations for complimentary tastings, according to the days and times that work best for you.

We’ve found that one photo or video from an influencer can instantly boost engagement on your page. Here are some of the photos they’ve taken at our client restaurants, we think it’s easy to see why they go viral!