Our primary goal is to understand your brand and its values and then convey them to your audience through carefully curated content. We want to immerse them in the experience of your online brand by making the things that make your brand unique most visible and identifiable.

We create campaigns that are especially geared towards creating a dialogue with your audience, which is the one thing that takes social media marketing one step further.

Here are some examples of how we've done this in the past:



Through our analytic reports, we found that photos of the
Tarallucci e Vino team performed better than photos of food, especially on Facebook.


To maximize the presence of the Tarallucci family on social
media by posting a series of portraits with quotes about their favorite food memories, how they started out at the restaurant, their food mottos and more.


#TarallucciTales posts continue to get more than double
the engagement than other posts on Facebook. Comments and shares are especially high on these posts. They also work towards increasing brand knowledge and awareness, and recreate the familial atmosphere of the restaurant online!

I fell into my first kitchen job in New York while I was a freshman in College. I worked for a small Mediterranean restaurant in Soho. It was my first experience I can remember with food prepared by a real chef. I felt like I found a secret world with new flavors and presentations, and I was hooked. I worked the garde-manger station and I remember almost every dish I prepared- a cucumber
salad with feta and red onions cooked in sherry vinegar. Potato leek soup with rosemary cream. The guys working the line and our in-house butcher were my heroes.
— Chris, Director of Operations
I met Luca walking in the street, we started talking in Italian and the day after I was behind the counter! I believe Tarallucci is one of the most authentic Italian places you can find in NYC, where everyone gets together for an espresso with the same loud vibe that you’ll find in Italy.
— Enrico, Barista
From a young age I can remember rolling dough and peeling apples for grandma’s apple pie. I can remember waking up while it was still dark out to go to the meat market with my uncle to buy the meat for his Italian deli. I can still recall standing on the milk crates washing the pots after learning how to chop onions and smashing the garlic for a good sauce.
My uncle would say “give the pot to the dishwasher”, well it turns out after looking around for the dishwasher, I was the dishwasher!
— Jerry, Executive Chef


La Marina offers brunch every weekend, it is one of their biggest sources of revenue.


For a chance to win a bottle of champagne: you have to follow the page and like the photo. To double the chance of winning, you tag members of your “#brunchcrew” in the comments.


With just three posts, the #brunchbubblygiveaway had 1000 brunch-goers tagged in them by friends, plus 1000+ likes and at least 200 new followers.



2x Best of Boston winners, Mike & Patty’s is a destination for tourists visiting Beantown.


To show visitors how to make Mike & Patty’s a part of their itinerary by creating a map that would show them some of the sights that are close-by, along with the perfect
sandwich recommendation for each spot.


The graphic was greeted with excitement from both tourists and Bostonians, and looked great on the Instagram feed!