Social Media Marketing at only $499/month

Crave, like the name might suggest, specializes in food-related social media marketing. Our service is geared towards spreading the word about restaurants amongst the #foodporn-obsessed millenials of today. Our new package comes in at only $499/month and consists of Food Photography, Graphic Design, Influencer Marketing, Copywriting, Posting and Surveillance. Read more about them below!

Food Photography

This package includes a two-hour long photography session that aims to capture your food in the best light. We make sure that the style of the photographs are in sync with your vision and match the vibe of your restaurant. Our photos have been recognized and reposted by a number of popular blogs, including Buzzfeed Food!

Graphic Design and Retouching

We have partnered with Comart Lithographers, an expert pre-media company with over 80 years of experience, to bring you a well-rounded graphic design and retouching service. Our team of graphic designers creates eye-catching artwork to add excitement to your feed and catch the audience's eye. The retouching team makes the already beautiful photos pop so that they're post-ready!

Influencer Marketing

Food influencers come with legions of followers that rely on them for restaurant recommendations. We have partnered with several influencers, each with an average following of 40k each. As part of this package, we'll arrange two influencers every month. Above are some of the photos they've posted for us in the past.

Copywriting, Posting and Surveillance

All of our visual assets would be futile without the perfect captions and hashtags attached to them. A caption can make or break a post, which is why our team or content creators carefully plans out each one. As part of this package, we create a calendar that plans for a post on every alternate day for the entire month for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Social media is a unique form of marketing because it is two-sided and lets your customer talk back to you. We like to take full advantage of the responses we get by conversing with the audience on a daily basis and taking their feedback into consideration. This gives us further insight into what is working for your online brand!

This package provides you with everything you need to have an effective online presence. Now, we only have one question for you - what are you waiting for?! Contact us using this link or write to to get a free consultation.