How to Make Your Restaurant More Instagram-Worthy

If your restaurant is anything worth talking about in 2018, it’s on Instagram. Love it or hate it, the image-sharing giant is too big to ignore, especially if your business involves some #foodporn. Reading lengthy reviews on Yelp is out – the average diner is more likely to make their choice of restaurant based on #aesthetic photos uploaded on the app. To gain a formidable following (and meaningful interaction) on Instagram, the first step is to make your restaurant photo-friendly and stimulating – Here’s how you can make your customers pick up their phones and click away for days!

The Art of Food

This is no secret, beautiful food brings in the crowds. Creative and distinct plating of dishes is the number one way to get customers to get snap-happy. Everything from outrageous dishes (think massive freakshakes), to minimal meals (think gorgeous sushi) make for a pretty picture. Food is now an art, and it’s time to get crazy. Attention to little details like replacing your average fry bag with a stainless steel basket makes a big difference!

Follow a theme

The biggest attraction for customers is a restaurant’s Instagram feed. Make sure your Instagram feed follows a theme – bright pop colours should not be mixed with grungy, moody photos. It’s important to pick a direction, plan photos in advance, and follow a grid pattern. This means all your photos should look cohesive and beautiful in the default instagram layout – the grid.

Create Moments

The biggest reason why some eateries are always buzzing on Instagram is because they’ve succeeded at creating Instagram-worthy moments. These are specifically designed to entice social sharing. A wall emblazoned with “Kissing Booth” or “Selfie Spot” will automatically grab eyeballs – and end up on social media. A simple stencil on a wall, or just a well-curated bunch of trinkets in a corner can craft that moment exclusive to your restaurant.

Design and décor

Always take Instagram into account when designing your restaurant. Make sure it’s airy, and filled with natural light or amber light conducive to snapping clean, well-lit pictures. Pick unique wallpapers, paintings, and furniture – things that would enhance the dining experience offered at your restaurant to an Instagram-level experience.

Add a human touch

Food and décor definitely drive traffic, but nothing makes people crave food more than other people enjoying it! Invite food influencers to “take over” your account and ask them to promote the takeover among their fans and followers. Integrate photos of people enjoying themselves on your feed, it’ll make others want to come and join the food party.

Get Hashtaggin’

Hashtags serve various purposes – they pool together all relevant content on Instagram, and they give your restaurant its own identity. Every restaurant should cultivate 3-4 regular hashtags, and use them with all photos on Instagram. Most importantly, these hashtags should be shared with customers! Let your diners know through standees on tables, or be told verbally by servers, so they can use them too.


Image: @cookiedonyc, @thevnyl, @100barclay, @esgolondon, @dnc_gbl