Why Crave Should Market Your Restaurant on Social Media

The power of social media has become undeniable. It has catapulted certain industries by making marketing easier than it’s ever been before. The food industry, especially, has seen a rise over social media - we now live in a time where people reach for their phones before they reach for their forks, always ready to send #foodporn into the instaverse. How do restaurants keep up? By making sure their online presence is as strong as their offline one. And that’s where Crave comes in.

Without a strong online presence, restaurants risk being overlooked by the large number of people who plan where to eat based off social media posts rather than stumble-upons. At Crave, our aim is to make your restaurant look and feel like a destination suited for the digital age. How do we do that? It comes down to our core services:

Food Photography

We have photographers come in twice a month for two-hour shoots to capture your food in the best light, literally. They make sure to get the most post-worthy shots and make each dish shine, all while following a carefully created brief from our content team that outlines the mood and compositions the photos should have so that they match the vision for your feeds. Our photographer network is diverse, which ensures that the shots don’t get repetitive and that something new and exciting is brought to each batch of photos. 


Graphic Design & Retouching

This is what helps us make certain images pop over your social feeds. Our highly-skilled team of graphic designers and retouchers at Comart Lithographers are dedicated to doing just that. Whether it’s an event, holiday, new menu item, or even just for fun - graphic design takes content to the next level. Retouching, on the other hand, is much more subtle. We don’t want to take away from the honesty of your feeds, so we stick to basic adjustments like lighting fixes and color correction. Comart has experience with some of the biggest food brands in the world - like McDonald’s and Cadbury - so you know you’re in good hands.


Influencer Marketing

The term “influencer” has never been as relevant as it is now, which is why influencer marketing is a big part of Crave’s service. We’ve partnered with food bloggers in NYC and Boston that have a combined reach of a million+ users who are interested in food. We send a minimum of four bloggers in every month, who post drool-worthy images in exchange for free meals. We also help organise influencer events. We invited 65 influencers with an average following of 60k each for Red Bull and IndieFork called Brunch Beat. The event was a big hit, with over 300 photos on Instagram tagged #BrunchBeat. Here are some of the shots:


Content Creation and Strategy

This is what brings everything together. Our content creators brainstorm on what is best for your restaurant’s social platforms and come up with strategies that boost all the right things. From daily posts to overall strategies to make your restaurant go viral, they’re solely dedicated to making sure you reach your full online potential using all the tools we have, along with ad management to make sure it all reaches the right audience.

This isn’t all - Crave has a range of other services that all contribute to building your social media empire. From review management and account surveillance to newsletter creation - we have what your feed needs!